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The Difference Of Google AdSense Hosted and Non-Hosted Account

Did you find an email account hosted on your AdSense account? Do not know what it means or if it affects your account? In the following lines I will explain what a hosted account means and how it differs from a non-hosted account.

As we all already know Google AdSense is the advertising network of the company Google. Over time, Google AdSense has changed the approval process for its accounts through its increasingly rigorous policies.

Before, it was very easy to get the approval of your AdSense account, all you needed was to request AdSense through Blogspot or YouTube and use it on any other website you wanted without any restriction.

That was a very easy process but since it was so easy to get an account, people started using them in a bad way. After obtaining the approval of AdSense, they began to associate them with spam and low-quality blogs.

So Google decided to make a big change to their AdSense policies as mentioned on their official blog. There are now two types of AdSense account; the first is the hosted AdSense account and the second is a non-hosted AdSense account.

Here's the difference between your AdSense hosted and non-hosted account.

Google AdSense: Hosted Account

The AdSense hosted account is approved to be used only on AdSense Host partner sites such as Blogspot or Blogger, YouTube or HubPages. So if you have an approved account from there, it will be known as a hosted or hosted Adsense account.

The AdSense Host Partner Network are websites that make use of the Google AdSense API to implement ad serving and revenue sharing. You can request the creation of AdSense accounts from any site in the AdSense Host partner network.

So we can tell if you create an account from one of the AdSense partner sites, it will be created as a hosted AdSense account.

Google AdSense: Non-Hosted Account

It is the opposite of a hosted account, it is that account created directly from AdSense to associate it with a site not hosted in the network of AdSense Host partners.

When you need to publish your ads on a website using an AdSense account with a non-hosted status, such as yoursite.com, you must send a new request to be reviewed by the AdSense team and validate if it complies with the requirements and its policies.

In case the request is not approved by AdSense, you can always send a new request every time until it is approved. It is important to correct the errors that they indicate before sending a new request.

The non-hosted accounts of AdSense is that you can use on any website of your property, even if the account is registered in .com, .net or .org.

When applying for the normal Adsense account, you must have a quality blog or website that meets AdSense requirements. The AdSense team will review your account manually.

Differences Between a Hosted and a Non-Hosted Adsense Account

There really isn't any other difference between the two, other than the ones I already mentioned. For either type of account, you still need to get approval before you start placing your ads on other websites; otherwise your ad will appear blank.

In case you don't get Google AdSense approval to serve ads, you can always try again until you are finally approved for the non-hosted account.

Can You Upgrade AdSense From Hosted To Non-Hosted Account?

There are many places on the Internet where they describe how to update your AdSense account and fix this. The truth is, yes you can change your AdSense account from Hosted to Non-Hosted but not vice versa. This is because it does not matter what type of AdSense accounts you have, you should always request an initial review to post ads on a new site.

This change does not affect the performance of your AdSense accounts at all, so I advise you not to worry about it since it does not affect your account or your ads at all. If you want to know more about Google AdSense Accounts, I advise you to subscribe to their official blog: Adsense.blogspot.com. There will be published the news of this product from Google.

Adding Your Domain to AdSense Hosted Account

When you have your AdSense account set up as a hosted account for YouTube ads or blogger, and you will still need to get a non-hosted account for your website. Well, you don't need to get a new account. Just add your website to your AdSense account.

Follow these steps:
  • Sign in to your AdSense account
  • Click Ads in navigation.
  • Then click Other Products.
  • Click Upgrade Now and complete the form
  • Copy and paste the verification code and automatic ads into your site

AdSense will review your site, which may take a few days. Be sure to follow their content guidelines and program policies. It should be noted that you should already have a couple of publications on your site. Don't worry about the consequences for your YouTube or blogger earnings if your AdSense account for the website is not approved. There is no penalty on the entire account unless you violate AdSense rules. Just keep expanding the content of your blog and observe the program's policies.

Question & Answer Upgrading Blogger Hosted Account

 1.Why Adsense Doesn't Approve My Custom Domain For My Blogger When They Are Already Running Ads On The Same Blog?

Because this is the way the system currently works. For a 'hosted account', the  ads only appear on a partner host - YouTube or Blogger. As soon as you add a personalized domain name, it must be accepted by the adsense team.

2.Why Blogger / Google does not display a warning / notice that the AdSense will need to be re-approved, when they offer an option to buy a custom domain name in Blogger?

Because Blogger is separate from Adsense. The Adsense cannot add what it wants to Blogger and in addition Adsense is not aware if you are going to buy a domain name because they do not have access to this information. And they only have information about it in the AdSense Help Center.

3. What can I do during this time, when they review my domain, I can go back to my blogspot.com?

If you do this, they will not be able to trust your domain, it will be a parking page rather than your blog. If your domain does not give access to your blog, then all you get when you try to access the domain is the 'domain parked' page of the domain registrar. And  Adsense will not approve of this. When they access your domain, they should see your blog, it should stay that way until it is approved. If you don't want to wait, better not to use a custom domain name.