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What is YouTube Premium and How To Use It

What is YouTube Premium and How To Use It

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, is a platform of subscription service that allows you to enjoy videos without advertising and offers you other advantages, functions and exclusive content. We tell you how you can use it.

Last May 2018, YouTube decided to facelift its subscription service, which went from being YouTube Red to YouTube Premium. Months later this service landed in most countries, then you can use it to benefit from its functions and advantages.

If you are wondering what YouTube Premium is, it is a subscription service with which you can enjoy the YouTube experience in a more exclusive way. You are most likely wondering why you should pay for something that is already free. True, but it does provide you with some extras that other users of the free YouTube service will not be able to enjoy.

Do you think it is not worth it? We are going to review some of those news that the YouTube subscription service includes  and at the end of the reading you can decide if it is worth it or not, having all the information about YouTube Premium.

YouTube Without Ads

The YouTube subscription service has been operating in the United States since the end of October 2015 and is much more than a simple name change with the excuse of charging users money. On the contrary, it is a service concept to obtain a new way of viewing content on YouTube, in which advertising has no place.

One of the great disadvantages of the free version of YouTube is that you have to see the advertisements, yes before each video you want to see. This, multiplied by the number of videos you can get to see per day, can be a considerable waste of your precious time.

Part of the benefits obtained by this system are used to maintain the platform itself, but also to pay the authors of the videos. With YouTube Premium, that cost falls directly on the user, eliminating advertisers from the equation, with which you will begin to see the content of the video from the first second regardless of the playback platform you use.

Quality Content

A subscription implies a responsibility for both parties, since the payment of a fee to view content implies that authors must offer the best of themselves to capture a more select audience, while, on the part of the user, the spam accounts and annoying comments.

It has been amply demonstrated that subscription systems act as a natural filter for this type of “troll” users, while encouraging content creators to increase the quality of their videos, as well as to create more ambitious projects, including even feature films, as it already happens on other video streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix.

Better and More Exclusive Content

In addition to the content to which all users have free access, YouTube Premium subscribers can enjoy exclusive content. They are known as YouTube Originals, original YouTube series and movies  that feature popular content creators and renowned actors. 

If you are curious to know what these original contents are only accessible to YouTube Premium subscribers, check out the Official Channel

Much More Than Videos

One of the most common uses of the free version of YouTube is to use it to listen to music, with the constant interruption of advertisers, of course.

So you can forget about this limitation, the YouTube Premium subscription includes access to YouTube Music Premium, YouTube's streaming music service. Thanks to this, you have at your fingertips all the music on the platform without interruptions, both on your mobile and on your computer.

YouTube Anywhere

To all the YouTube Premium features that we have already mentioned you will have to add a very important one for those users who make intensive use of YouTube on their smartphone or tablet, since with YouTube Premium you can add new ways to enjoy your videos from any place.

Your subscription allows you to  use YouTube offline from your device's own app, thus avoiding the need to be permanently connected to the Internet to watch videos or listen to music. 

In addition to this feature, YouTube Premium also activates the playback of YouTube content in the background, which is extremely useful when you use YouTube to listen to music while playing or browsing on the same device.

YouTube Premium Price

YouTube Premium is not exactly the cheapest subscription service on the Internet considering that it charges $ 11.99 a month. In addition, the operation of this is very similar to Netflix in terms of the number of devices where you can enjoy it.

For example, the basic plan of $ 11.99 a month only allows you to have it for one screen, that is, you can only enjoy it on your cell phone or personal computer in the same account. I know that you will already be machining a trap to make it not register that it is being used in more than one device, but in advance (and giving me a little embarrassment to admit it) I tell you that I already tried it and lost a lot of time without results.

If you ask me, it doesn't seem like a bargain plan where I go and I sharpen my credit card without thinking, because you have to see the face of only one screen for $ 11.99. I guess the YouTube geniuses had the same thought as you and me, so logically, they included a family plan that by paying only $ 17.99 a month, 6 people will be able to use YouTube Premium on different devices.

So if at the moment you like the idea of ​​what the plan offers and that with $ 17.99 you get a lot more, you can think about paying for it. However, let's stop the car a little and first, I recommend you try the month for free for both plans offered by YouTube and from there you can assess whether it is really worth paying or not.

YouTube Music has two subscription plans. They are:
  • Individual subscription. It is for a single person and is priced at 12 dollars per month. If you want to try its advantages you can request a free trial month at this link
  • Family subscription. Valid for up to six family members over the age of 13 who live in the same house. Its price is 18 dollars and you can also try a month for free.

Now that you know a little more about all the news that YouTube Red brings, is it worth paying the subscription fee to enjoy unlimited videos and music without advertising?